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6 Minute Software Development

A podcast for developers or tech leads looking for quick tactics to improve day-to-day performance, in 6 minutes or less. Hosted by Josh Hornby.

Product Minded Engineers

Let's discuss the idea of Product Minded Engineers. It's likely you've never heard the term before but will resonate with the traits we speak about it today's episode.

How to Write Better Developer Job Ads

In this episode we'll cover what makes a good job advert, why you should spend more time writing one and I'll share a tip which I think will help your job description stand out from the crowd.

How can you measure the health of your development team?

Today we answer a listener question about how you an evaluate the health of a software team. I outline a list of questions you can use to grade a team & work out what an be improved.

What I wish I knew as a Junior Software Developer

As I look back over what’s almost a decade in software development, there are some things I wish I’d started doing sooner. This episode is the advice I’d give my younger self, who has just landed their first professional software development job.

Book Review: An Elegant Puzzle By Will Larson

On this episode I talk about my favourite book of 2020 "An Elegant Puzzle. Systems of Engineering Management" by Will Larson. This is my go to guide on everything tech management related & is the most hands-on perspective on engineering management that I

3 Tips for Efficient Software Project Management

In this weeks episode I share 3 pieces of advice that I've noticed during my time managing software projects. You might be surprised that the most common thing I'm seeing is how actual, day to day project management methodology is not the most important p

Book Review: 5 Takeaways from The Manager's Path by Camille Fournier

Today I review "The Manager's Path" by Camille Fournier. I share my 5 favourite takeaways from this excellent guide for tech leaders looking to advance their career.

1-to-1 Meeting Advice for Software Development Managers

In today's episode we discuss why you should be doing 1-to-1's with your team members, what makes a good 1-to-1 and I share some questions that I use to help promote honest & open conversations.

Ship More Features With This Development Strategy

In our very first episode, we outline a strategy that I've used in the past to ship more features whilst working at start-ups, with out having to spend hours in multiple planning meetings or using complex project management software.