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6 Minute Software Development

A podcast for developers or tech leads looking for quick tactics to improve day-to-day performance, in 6 minutes or less. Hosted by Josh Hornby.

How to Write Better Developer Job Ads

In this episode we'll cover what makes a good job advert, why you should spend more time writing one and I'll share a tip which I think will help your job description stand out from the crowd.


  • First impressions count, you should aim to impress candidates at all stages of the application process
  • Should you be paid for time spend working on tech tasks?
  • The structure of a good job advert
  • Share real examples of the work you can be expected to do at the company, list recent projects the team has worked on
  • Basecamp always post great job descriptions, this one is no different.

About the host:

I'm Josh Hornby, a software developer from Manchester, England. I enjoy building software and managing development teams. With nearly a decade of software development experience, I understand the connections between strategy, development teams, and business goals.

I'm currently the Head of Development at a car finance startup based in the UK.


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