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6 Minute Software Development

A podcast for developers or tech leads looking for quick tactics to improve day-to-day performance, in 6 minutes or less. Hosted by Josh Hornby.

How can you measure the health of your development team?

Today we answer a listener question about how you an evaluate the health of a software team. I outline a list of questions you can use to grade a team & work out what an be improved.

Show Notes:

Questions I use to measure the health of a development team:

  1. Does the team use source control?
  2. Is code peer reviewed?
  3. Can you make a build in 1 step?
  4. Do you make a build every time a change is merged?
  5. Do you fix bugs before writing new code?
  6. Do you write tests to verify a bug before fixing the bug?
  7. Is the code coverage greater than 80%?
  8. Do you have an issue tracking system?
  9. Does your team have the best tools?
  10. Do you have automated unit, integration and system tests?
  11. Are the unit tests automatically run before a change is merged?
  12. Are the integration and systems tests automatically run before you deploy/release?
  13. Do you deploy/ship the artefacts that were tested?
  14. Do you have a prioritised record of your technical debt?