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6 Minute Software Development

A podcast for developers or tech leads looking for quick tactics to improve day-to-day performance, in 6 minutes or less. Hosted by Josh Hornby.

What I wish I knew as a Junior Software Developer

<p><strong>Show Notes:</strong></p><ul> <li>View the <a href="https://joshhornby.com/blog/advice-to-my-younger-software-developer-self">blog post</a> which inspired this article</li> <li>Find me on <a href="https://twitter.com/joshua_hornby">Twitter - @joshua_hornby</a> </li> <li>If you like the show then you'll enjoy my <a href="https://joshhornby.com/newsletter">monthly newsletter</a>, it contains lots of interesting stuff related to <strong>software engineering</strong> &amp; <strong>tech leadership</strong>.</li> </ul>

Show Notes: